2011: EXpose
2011: EXpose

Choreography Alvin Erasga Tolentino and Martin Inthamoussú
Dancers Alvin Erasga Tolentino and Martin Inthamoussú.

EXPOSE continues Artistic Director Alvin Erasga Tolentino’s eplorations within, and expanded knowledge and understanding of, dance in a global perspective. Working throughout Asia, North America, and Europe, Tolentino has witnessed and experienced the vast and culturally diverse dance practices that continue to inspire contemporary artists worldwide. This new creation directs that scope into the dance milieu and aesthetics of South America with Martin Inthamoussú, a dynamic force in the renovation of Uruguayan contemporary dance. Inthamoussú is renowned for provocative socio-political dance explorations. For Inthamoussú, “choreographic creation is a reflection on a human theme – a conscious and visceral synthesis.”
Tolentino and Inthamoussú share common interests; their devotion to performing solo works and their understanding of dance as a mechanism for creative personal expression rooted from the struggles and experience of gay life. EXPOSE features the two outstanding dancers’ duets, exploring the gay cultures, issues and themes relevant to their lives and survival.
The artists explore their collective experiences, beliefs and principles to create a unique theatrical and physical dialogue, resulting in an evocative choreographic landscape mapped from two distinct choreographic visions. This collaborative piece focuses on identity crisis, gender, discrimination, isolation, displacement, sex and acceptance.